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Video Topics
Life Insurance

Family Term

Mortgage Protection
Final Expense
College Funding
Home Equity Transfer
Universal Life
Living Benefits
IUL Retirement Plan

AnnuitiesIndexed Annuity
Withdrawal Guarantee
CD to Annuity
Safe Money Contracts
Longevity Annuity
Split AnnuityAnnuity Laddering
LTC Annuity

Estate Planning
IUL Cash Reserve Estate Planning
Living Trust
Special Needs Trust
Business Equity Transfer
LTC Life
Estate Tax Trust
Social Security

Health Insurance

Dental Coverage

Health Savings Account
Medicare MSA
Medicare Supplement
Living Benefits
Critical Illness
Long Term Care
Disability Income
Legal Service
Auto CoverageHomeowner Coverage
Umbrella Liability
General Liability
Commercial PropertyBusiness Disruption
ID Theft Protection

Employee Benefits
Cash Balance Plan
Voluntary Benefits
Simple 401k
Group Disability
Self Funded PlansSection 105 HRA
Salary Continuation

The Most Effective Way To...
WebPrez videos are the most professional and effective way to explain life insurance and fixed or indexed annuities to your clients and prospects, without reference to any specific products or companies.

These videos get right to the point quickly, clearly and professionally, helping people understand the importance of protecting their money and their assets.

In fact, each video has been tested with target market prospects under simulated sales conditions, and have been proven to make people ask questions or request additional information.

And there are more than 80 life insurance and fixed or indexed annuity videos that you can easily add to your sales process, your website, your email messages, your social media pages - even your live seminars.

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